Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Self Confidence

How to build self confidence and self esteem? The perspective that I have on self-value is that self is value— that self is love and love is value. This may sound absured, but I will explain how this all works. As much truth as the simplistic approach expressed above carries, to be understood and embraced fully, the subject will require a deeper exploration.

Most of us experience self-doubt. Some of us are plagued with it. For others it is a peripheral issue that goes on for years as a nagging underlying feeling that it is ignored. Some event may bring it to the foreground, and it may then be looked at as a problem to be solved. Many will never take the time to try and get to the bottom of it.

The problem as we experience it is pretty straightforward. We doubt. We question ourselves. We are afraid. We feel insecure. We have low self-esteem. We have poor confidence. We undervalue ourselves. We can use many words to describe the phenomenon but it is essentially the same. In comparison, we feel we are less than what is expected. We feel small in comparison to what we view as big.

The big are often just putting on a (to us) believable act. The fact is, any departure from equality, whether below or above the line is low self-esteem. The difference is that those who put on a big show above the line are good at masking it. They are no less full of doubt. Those who feel self-doubt and are not compensating for it are actually better off. Denial simply adds another confusing and disruptive issue to the mix.

Self Esteem

In the first paragraph I stated quite plainly that self IS value—and that self is love. This is an absolute truth. It is not something I just tossed about to get the attention of readers, though it is quite a compelling statement. Self is indeed both value and love. It may take some time to understand, believe and trust this truth—but it is undeniably so. I will make this abundantly clear in the posts that follow.

It will take some diving into some basic principles of life. It may require some patience and fortitude, but you are as valuable as anyone else. We all have the same value. We may be diverse creatures, expressing ourselves in a multitude of ways, but we all have the same inherent value. It is a beautiful thing. You CAN have confidence. You CAN have a strong sense of value. You CAN love yourself and act with courage on your own behalf.

It only means looking deeply into a few fundamental truths about life itself. We will have to explore the nature of self, the nature of value, and the nature of love. These are big topics. We can say the words “self” and “value” and “love” as much as we like, but what do these words really stand for? What do they really mean? What is love? What is self? What is value?

Confidence in Self


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